Journal Articles

Nelissen, Klaas, Snoeck, Monique, Vanden Broucke, Seppe, & Baesens, Bart. (2018). Swipe and tell: Using implicit feedback to predict user engagement on tablets. ACM Transactions on Information Systems, 36(4 - art. 35), ACM Transactions on Information Systems; 2018; Vol. 36; iss. 4 - art. 35.

Conference Proceedings

De Koninck, Pieter, Nelissen, Klaas, Baesens, Bart, Vanden Broucke, Seppe, Snoeck, Monique, & De Weerdt, Jochen. (2017). An Approach for Incorporating Expert Knowledge in Trace Clustering. ADVANCED INFORMATION SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (CAISE 2017), 10253, 561-576.